What is Poker Training?


You might be asking yourself, just exactly what is poker training and why would anyone ever “train” to play a game of cards? You would be surprised to see just how much both amateur and professional card players are spending to get private one-on-one poker training lessons with some of the top poker pros in the world. Private poker training lessons can run the average person up to, and above, $2,000 an hour! 

What can you do to receive training from multiple poker professionals without spending thousands of dollars, yet still reap the same rewards and improve your game? The answer is very simple. The internet.

There are numerous poker training websites available now that allow you to sit at the comfort of your computer, learn directly from a pro, study at your own schedule/pace, and all for just a fraction of the price!

Poker training is advancing with the use of the internet, webcam, and other poker database technological advances that allow for the coach to record himself playing particular hands. The trainer can then replay hands by advancing the action in the hand card-by-card and explain any training tips that he would like (i.e what he was thinking, opponents hand ranges, what he could have done differently, any misplays, etc.).

In case you were wondering why anyone would pay to be trained by a poker professional, these days many people throughout the world are making six or seven figure incomes by playing poker. As a matter of fact, there are many 18-year-old kids making over $100,000 a week! The prize pool at 2010’s World Series of Poker Main Event alone was almost $69million dollars, with one lucky individual walking away almost $9million dollars!

With money making opportunities such as these year round, why wouldn’t you want to advance your poker knowledge? If your son was a good basketball player, and Michael Jordan was offering lessons for $5,000 a month you might not be able to afford it. However, if Michael Jordan was making training videos daily, and you could subscribe to the database of online videos, it might not seem like such a far stretch to spend $30 or so a month to get such great benefits! Now, if someone said that the entire 1992 USA Men’s Basketball Team was formulating a basketball training video database, where they would post videos daily, all of a sudden $30-per-month looks like a cannot miss bargain!

Poker training is no different.  For example, at some of the top online poker training websites, you can learn from a slew of pros eager to teach you their tips and strategies for success. Not only do you receive training from big-name pros, your training is not limited to just one! You can literally be trained by multiple pros at numerous games and varying levels! Why be pay a ridiculous amount of money PER HOUR with one pro when you can be trained at your own convenience at a fraction of the price with multiple pros?

There are different sites for all different costs, levels, games, and all offer varying features. I suggest that you study the competition and read reviews for what you are attempting to gain out of the site you choose. For example, if you are seeking to be trained on Razz, you shouldn’t sign up for a poker training site that only trains Pot Limit Omaha. Similarly, you should not sign up for a free training site and expect that you training you receive will be equivalent to that of one you might have to spend a few bucks!

Goodluck on finding a poker training site!!!


Poker Training


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